Research Topics

  • Basin- and crustal-scale flow of hydrothermal fluids.
  • Analysis of structural, depositional and diagenetic controls on dolostone distribution. Reactivity of dolomitising fluids and controls on permeability in carbonates.
  • Study of vein dynamics, vein growth and fracture sealing.
  • Fluid flow and diagenetic reactions in extensional basins and fold and thrust belts.
  • Experimental, field and numerical studies of deformation localisation and fracturing in anisotropic materials.
  • Deformation mechanisms and microstructures in polycrystalline aggregates. Numerical simulation of viscous and viscoplastic deformation coupled with recrystallisation processes.
  • Mechanical stratigraphy in carbonates. Improvement of methods to acquire and upscale statistical properties of fracture networks.
  • Field and numerical studies of ductile tectonic structures such as folds, shear bands, porphyroblasts/-clasts, pinch-and-swell, etc.
  • Applied research for the exploration and production of geothermal reservoirs and oil & gas carbonate reservoirs.