Research Topics

  • Integrated prediction of reservoirs in sedimentary basins: sedimentology, diagenesis, structures and petrophysical properties.
  • Sedimentary geology for the energy transition and sustainable development: exploration for geothermal energy resources, evaluation of storage sites for Geo-Energy applications, etc.
  • Fluid flow and mineral reactions in sedimentary basins and orogens.
  • Basin- and crustal-scale flow of hydrothermal fluids.
  • Study of vein dynamics, vein growth and fracture sealing.
  • Mechanical stratigraphy. Improvement of methods to acquire and upscale statistical properties of fracture and stylolite networks.
  • Deformation and recrystallisation of polycrystalline aggregates. Numerical simulation of viscous and viscoplastic deformation coupled with dynamic recrystallisation processes.
  • Field, numerical and experimental studies of brittle and ductile deformation structures in anisotropic rocks.